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Time Honor List-金沙娱城 Winners-9195金沙官网
  • 2015

    Star of the Top 100 Among China Top 100 Real Estate Enterprises

    The selection campaign of “China Top 100 Real Estate Enterprises”, joint-hosted by the Enterprise Research Institute of the Development Research Center (DRC) of the State Council, the Institute of Real Estate Studies of Tsinghua University, and China Index Academy, has become an important standard to evaluate the real estate business strength and industrial status. Listed again as one of China’s top 100 real estate enterprises, Gezhouba Real Estate has experienced a steadily advanced ranking compared with that in 2014 by being honored as the “Star of the Top 100 Among China Top 100 Real Estate Enterprises”; meanwhile, President He Jingang was thus conferred with the title of “China Top 100 Real Estate Entrepreneur” in 2015.

    China Gezhouba Real Estate

    The Central Enterprise with the Most Strategy-focused Strength

    Having dominated the high-end market, Gezhouba Real Estate further seeks for innovation, elaborates on details, and pursues for the classics. As the result, Gezhouba was shortlisted inthe honor roll of the 7th Session of Annual China Real Estate Model and was successfully awarded the great prize of “The Central Enterprises with the Most Strategy-focused Strength”.

    China Gezhouba Real Estate

    Comprehensive Award of National Classic Residence

    From the very beginning of its planning and design, Gezhouba Magnolia Garden has followed through the idea of environment-friendly, low-carbon and sustainable development so that it was honored in October with the most valuable comprehensive award in the “National Classic Residence Architectural Planning and Design Competition”, hosted by the Architectural Society of China (ASC).

    Gezhouba Mangnolia Garden(Shanghai)

    The Scarce Mansion in the Core Area of Inner City

    Carrying on the dignified geographical location of the 800-year-old Imperial Jade Mill Bureau as well as the potential value of Lize Business District, Gezhouba West Imperial Residence(Beijing) was successfully shortlisted in the honor roll of “Project Models” of the 7th Session of Annual China Real Estate Model, and was honored with the title of “The Scarce Mansion in the Core Area of Inner City”.

    Gezhouba West Imperial Residence(Beijing)

    The World-class Celebrity Ocean Villa Destination

    Given the unique, sophisticated and idyllic serenity and harmony, the Begonia Bay Project of Gezhouba customized a world-class secluded resort life of “ocean villa” for Chinese tycoons, and was successfully selected into the honor roll of “Project Models” of the 7th Session of Annual China Real Estate Models, and was awarded the “World-class Celebrity Ocean Villa Destination”.

    Gezhouba BLESSED Bay(Sanya)

    The US Gold Medal of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

    Gezhouba’s project of the Beijing West Station (Netcom Xidan Telephone Station) Building 10, located at the lot of XJ-03-02, with its core tube-shaped external structure reaching the certification requirements of the LEED green building system (the Gold Medal of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), won the “US Gold Medal of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” in August of 2015 and was commended with the “Certificate of the Three-star Green Architecture Design Mark”, issued by China’s Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction (MHURC) in May of 2015.

    China Gezhouba Real Estate

    Quality Structural Engineering of Building Construction in Hainan Province

    Organized and reviewed by the Hainan Provincial Construction Quality and Safety Monitoring Association, the “Quality Structural Engineering Award” is the highest honor in Hainan province in terms of the construction quality of building structure and engineering.

    Following the guideline of “Meticulously Construction and Quality First”, the Gezhouba Begonia Bay Project leveraged the standardization of quality construction as well as the event of “Month of Quality” to make considerable progress in the quality of project construction with the good product rate reaching 100%. In the review, Residential Buildings No. 1, 2, and 3 (in the North District) were honored with the title of “Quality Structural Engineering of Building Construction” in Hainan province.

    Gezhouba BLESSED Bay(Sanya)

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